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the real performance of a vehicle is easiest to measure on the race track

Clubsport vehicle build

RPR Clubsport build

What does a Clubsport vehicle build mean at RPR Performance:
For us, a Clubsport vehicle is a sporty car that has been optimized for track use, but which can not only travel to the racetrack on its own, but also remain suitable for everyday use – possibly with restrictions in terms of comfort and the usability of seats and luggage compartment. This requires, in particular, flawless TÜV conformity; furthermore, as an option, retrofittability of the modifications is ideal.”

But where should you start with Club Sport tuning? Many customers first ask for a performance upgrade before they want to take their vehicle to the race track – we then invite such customers to a detailed consultation to show them our priorities with regard to Clubsport upgrades. In most cases, the result is a completely different order. After all, optimizing the power-to-weight ratio of vehicles in this league is a long way down our to-do list, which is sorted according to what needs to be done.

RPR Tracktool Aufbau
RPR Clubsport Aufbau
Tracktool & Clubsport setup

Clubsport seats belts cell

In addition to an optimized brake system, the seats with the appropriate 4-point belts are virtually “your life insurance” and ensure that you can also feel your car. This is because such an optimized bucket seat holds the driver securely in place even at high lateral accelerations, without the driver still having to brace himself in search of support. If you have to hold on to the steering wheel, you’ll never get a clean line. A relaxed, relaxed sitting posture can make it easy to go one second faster per lap.

Of course, rollover protection is indispensable for safety on board. At the very least, we’re talking about a rear-supported, screw-in bracket, which is regularly even referred to as a Clubsport bracket. Its extension is found in the bolted-in roll cage with flank protection and struts. A welded-in safety cell is even safer – and also improves vehicle stiffness. This welding cell offers the greatest possible safety – however, due to the high effort involved, it is also very cost-intensive.

RPR Performance Center am Nürburgring

Club Sport & Tracktool

Together we match your needs & budget with the necessities to spend the time with maximum driving fun & the safety, for example, on the legendary Norschleife.

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RPR Performance Track Car

You too can benefit from our experience

Since 2012, we have successfully participated in the VLN/NLS and several times in the famous 24H races at the Nürburgring with our own RPR Racing Team. We achieved several class victories in the process.